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The movie opens with a long arduous descent of Spanish explorers through the Amazon in the attempt to find El Dorado, the magnificent city of gold. Horses, enslaved Indians, and women on thrones trudge through the mud and heavy underbrush of the jungle. They stop and are delegated into two groups when Gonzales Pizarro realizes their plight. In hopes to seek help and a safe haven, he sends the second, smaller group out lead by the nobleman, Don Predro de Ursua, and a second-in-command, Don Lupe de Aguirre.

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Immediately trouble encompasses them as one of their rafts is caught in a whirlpool. Overnight everything goes downhill from there. The remaining rafts have been stolen and a rift in leadership begins to deepen. Ursua had hoped to save the trapped men from the whirlpool while Aguirre wishes them dead and to continue onto finding El Dorado. Ursua is eventually overthrown when he is shot in the chest and Aguirre threatens any one else with the same fate. The soldier then weaves a tale of greed and fortune for those who follow him. The rest of the group, save for the mistress of Ursua and another, nods their heads. It is here that they are now tangled in the madness of Aguirre’s ambition and where we can understand the networks and navigators through out the story.


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Sailor Moon ♥♥♥ Sailor Mercury
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